Our video page has been created in order to facilitate viewing of some of the best table soccer players in full fledge matches, amazing Canadian trickshots, and media related clips that help our sport grow.


Global Television attended the "2005 Master Series" event in Montreal, Quebec and offered a unique prospective on our tournament and the people who play it. The "2005 Master Series" was the only multi-table event to be on the ITSF TOUR in 2005 and to view a short media clip of the event click here.

CBC Sports interviewed Adam Imanpoor (CTSF Secretary) at a playing location in Montreal, Canada. This clip aired Nationally on CBC Television, on Saturday December 14th, 2002 and informed many people about the sport of table soccer. Click here to view this video.

A CTV news show (PULSE) interviewed Adam Imanpoor (CTSF Secretary) at a playing location in Montreal on October 13th, 2002. The 3 minute interview demonstrating some of the most amazing shots that foosball has to offer, sparked great interest into the game. Randie Tiemann was also on hand to experience just how skilled one must be to play this sport. Click here to view this video.

The Quebec Table Soccer Association organized a benefit table soccer tournament that attracted more then 60 players to raise funds for the "TSUNAMI" crisis, and raised more then 1000$ and donated a table to the Montreal Children's Hospital. To view the video, click here to start the footage. 

A news broadcast on CTV interviewed the Women's World Champion Table Soccer on Tornado tables, and the runner-up in the "Women's Multi-Table Championships" in Italy, Moya Tielens. Moya Tieles is one of the most elite women players in the world today and to view a clip of her speak about table soccer, click here.

Telelatino TV interviewed the Quebec Table Soccer Association as it held it's "Second Annual" table soccer fundraiser, this time for Hurricane Katrina and it's victims. Once again another huge success and worthy of a short interview and overview on their network. To view the footage click here





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