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This page contains lists of player rankings for every player that has played a match entered into the CTSF ranking system.
These rankings are Canadian rankings. If you see your name under the #5 spot, you are the 5th highest ranked player of that 'style' in Canada!
The CTSF ranks players in the following styles:

  • Tornado: matches are played on Tornado foosball tables, by CTSF Tornado rules.
  • Passage: matches are played on Italian Style tables (Garlando, FABI, etc) by CTSF Passage rules.
  • Fastball: matches are played on Italian Style tables (Garlando, FABI, etc) by CTSF Fastball rules.
  • Bonzini: matches are played on Bonzini foosball tables, by CTSF Bonzini rules.
If the "All Styles" filter is chosen or no style is chosen and another (region or provincial) filter is chosen, an average of all 4 styles will be shown. These averages are just for information purposes only, and are not used in any official ranking capacity.
If you have not played any matches in a certain style, then your ranking will not be shown.
If you have participated in matches that have been entered into the CTSF system, but you are not a CTSF member, your ranking will not be shown, but your name is. Once you become a CTSF member your ranking is automatically updated including all points earned in any previously entered matches. You do not have to be a CTSF member to earn points. You just have to be a member to see your points and to get detailed statistics on your ranking.
Points earned/lost in one style do not effect points earned/lost in another style.
Points values of one style should not be compared to point values in another style, all 4 ranking system are entirely separate, and any comparison between them is meaningless.

How are points earned?
Points can be gained or lost on a match by match basis. Events like DYP, BYP, Open Doubles, effects your doubles points, events like Forward Shoot Out & Goalie Wars (only worth 1/4 the points), Open Singles, effect your singles points.
The maximum amount of points that can be gained or lost each match (or series) is either 30 (for smaller local events) or 50 (for bigger, multi-regional events).
The amount of points gained or lost depends on the relative skill levels of the opponents.
If two equally ranked players play each other, then the winning player will gain X points and the losing player will lose X points (where X is half of the maximum points for that event).
If a lower ranked player beats a higher ranked player (major upset), then the lower ranked player will earn full points, and the higher ranked player will lose full points.
If a lower ranked player loses to a higher ranked player (most likely outcome), then the lower ranked player lose very little points, and the higher ranked player will gain very little points.
For example, let's say there is an event called "The most excellent table soccer tournament". The CTSF rankings committee has deemed this event be worth 50 points.
Bill plays Ted in a match. Both Bill and Ted have 1200 points. Bill wins. For that match (or series) Bill would gain 25 points (50/2), and Ted would lose 25 points (50/2).
Now If Bill played Sirus (lets say Sirus has 2000 points), and Sirus wins (like expected), Sirus would only gain 5 points, and Bill would lose only 5 points.
Now if Bill happened to beat Sirus (big upset), Sirus would lose 45 points, and Bill would gain 45 points.
If an event is handicapped then the system treats the match just as if both players have equal points.
Forward Shoot Out and Goalie War events are only worth 1/4 of the maximum alloted points.

For a full detailed explanation of the CTSF ranking system, see The CTSF National Ranking System document.






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