2006 ITSF Game Rules

NEW I.T.S.F RULES RELEASED: (For the 2006-2007 season)

New ITSF Game Rules

They will be used for the first time at the Cambridge Open.

As President of the ITSF Rules Commission, Mr. Tom Yore has done a great job in working with the team of international delegates in charge of creating a new set of Rules for ITSF sanctioned tournaments.

Since Canada is officialized by the ITSF and we follow in their footsteps, it is within our best interest to ensure that all major events should follow these rules. We of course encourage all players to adapt them as soon as possible since the International community will be doing so quickly as well.

This new set of rules will be used at the World Cup in Hamburg (May 25-28, 2006), where Mr. Yore will make a presentation of the rules and run an Official’s Clinic to train and certify new referees. These Rules will also be used in the World Championships in Italy (November 3-5, 2006).

All players can start using these rules effective immediately if they wish to do so, without any obligation. The organizers of the Cambridge Open, taking place in the United Kingdom will be the first to use the new rules. The new ITSF Rules will become compulsory for all ITSF sanctioned tournaments in the 2007 ITSF Tour.

Our present objective is to test these rules in Canada as well and adapt them as needed. After the Hamburg World Cup, the Rules Committee, which will be appointed by Tom Yore, will make any necessary changes and they will be submitted to ITSF Executive Committees vote.





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