The C.T.S.F membership fee of 15$ will,

         Ensure your status as a registered foosball player for a period of one year.

         Give you a say in the development of foosball in Canada.

         Give you access to countless statistics and rankings.

         Ensure a newsletter will be sent to you every 6 months about the latest developments at the C.T.S.F, event results, up coming events, news about whatís going on for foosball in Canada.

         Give you discounts on products from companies that support the federation.

         Support a group of professionals whose sole purpose is to ensure the growth of foosball in Canada, and get foosball into the Olympics.

        Last but not least, allow you entrance to CTSF sanctioned tournaments.

Ask yourself these questions:

         Are you curious to see where you rank amongst other players in your community, city, province, or even nationally?

         Are you tired of people claiming that foosball is nothing but a coin-slot pastime?

         Are you frustrated with the massive amounts of people who just donít know how much skill it takes to play this sport?

        Would you like to see foosball as an Olympic sport?

If you answered one of the questions with a yes, itís one of the many reasons why becoming a member with us is a wise investment. We are looking forward to seeing you on board and to have you as a member for years to come.

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