About C.T.S.F

What is the C.T.S.F:  Formally the Canadian Table Soccer Association, this new Federation unites players and promotes foosball nationwide. We are a federation
interested in bridging the gaps between manufacturers, distributors and players to
improve the quality of play and products in Canada.

The C.T.S.F is a federation which main responsibility is to oversee and monitor the
growth of foosball in Canada through fellow players and provincial associations. We
will work closely with all provincial associations to ensure that all players in Canada
are playing by the same rules, being ranked the same way and are upholding the
constitution with up most respect and professionalism.

The Canadian Table Soccer Federation is the first to ever represent table soccer and
its players in such an organized manner. The Beijing Olympic committee is talking to
the International Table Soccer Federation (
I.T.S.F) to try and get foosball as a
demonstration sport at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. We are working closely with
them to ensure that the Canadian players will have a chance to be part of the Olympic games.

We want to give players a chance to see how they rank in their town, in their province,
on their table, across all tables, and across Canada. Only our members will have their information on our website posted and updated on a regular basis. We plan on running Provincial championships, which would qualify players for the official Canadian Championships (sanctioned by the
C.T.S.F) and eventually the real World
Championships (Sanctioned by the

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