C.T.S.F NEWS: (02.01.06.)

The C.T.S.F Announces it's procedure of selection and qualification for it's National Table Soccer Team.

After weeks of work, hours of discussion, and voting that went back and forth, the C.T.S.F is pleased to announce it's final procedural system that will be used to construct the "Canadian National Table Soccer Team".

Click here to download the document.

C.T.S.F Executive Committee.

C.T.S.F NEWS: (02.01.06.)

The C.T.S.F announces it's format and tournament information for the "Eastern Canadian World Cup Qualifier" held at the "Canada Cup of Foosball" in Ottawa, Canada on Sunday the 12th of February, 2006.

The official formats, match counts and tournament details for the Eastern Canadian Qualifier are now downloadable. To view tournament information, click here.

C.T.S.F NEWS: (01.30.06.)

The Canadian Table Soccer Federation releases an information statement.


After months of waiting, players from across the country will have the unique chance to compete to sit on the "Canadian National Table Soccer Team" that will represent us in Hamburg, Germany at the World Cup.

We would like to take this moment to congratulate both the cities of Calgary and Ottawa being chosen as the potential cities to host "CTSF WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS". An honorable mention goes to the "Women on Top tour staff in Montreal who will be running the "Women's World Cup Qualifier" to decide the Eastern Canadian women table soccer player sit on the National Team.

C.T.S.F NEWS: (01.27.06.)

A documentary in the works for the C.T.S.F "Road to Germany"?

A full fledge documentary is currently being shot at all significant C.T.S.F pit stops, and all players that are planning on attending qualifiers will most likely see the production team at work.

The documentary is being shot all across the country to promote table soccer, the players who compete and of course our "Road to Germany". The finished product must show the fears, politics, laughs, and failures of those who play this sport while at the same time giving the CTSF a means to show it's transparency with the entire process. Learn about what happens behind the scenes!







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